Are You Abusive or Violent?

Do you get angry at those around you?

Do you ever feel like you need to control people around you?

Do you think that violence is a way to solve problems in your life?

If so, then it's time for some introspection.

The "Are You Abusive or Violent?" quiz is a self-assessment tool that can help you determine your level of abuse and violence in relationships. 

The results will give you insight into the kind of relationship problems that may exist, and provide some suggestions for how to improve your life.

Note: For a comprehensive description of what anger,abuse and violence are, read "What is anger, abuse and violence? - The ultimate guide".

Let's begin!

  • Shane says:

    A lot of my anger comes out when no one else is around, I keep a lot of it locked up inside of me, a big amount of it is in my own head, cause in reality I’m a big sook and a softy but when I’m on my own my own thoughts make me worse, I have never hit a woman cause my mother taught me to love n respect women never hit them

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