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The Anger Secrets Coaching Package

The Anger Secrets Coaching Package will help you control your anger, master your emotions and stay calm in situations that would have once made you angry.

The Anger Secrets Coaching Package consists of four coaching sessions that will help you:

  • develop customized tools and techniques to help you control your anger
  • ensure that you are making progress in controlling your anger, or
  • get customized support to help you with any other issues you are facing.

I usually charge $200 per session for individual anger management coaching. Right now, however, I'm offering this four session package for just $599. That's a savings of $201 off the normal price of these sessions.

Note: The availability of this package is extremely limited, and the price of this package (as well as one to one sessions with me) may increase at any time.

This is a special opportunity for you to work with me so I can develop customized tools and techniques to help you control your anger.

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How Does this Coaching Package work?

Once you purchase this coaching package you will receive a coupon code entitling you to four free coaching sessions with myself. These sessions can be booked at any time. I will send you a link to book your first coaching session.

What Can I talk About in these coaching sessions?

You can discuss anything you want to in these coaching sessions! This can include how to control your anger, how to rebuild your relationship, how to cope with the end of a relationship, or anything else! The topics we discuss are entirely up to you!

When do i have to use these sessions by?

You can use these sessions anytime within 12 months of purchasing these sessions. After this time your sessions will expire. This is to ensure I have capacity to help as many people as possible!

What happens If i have other questions?

If you have other questions, contact me! As a member of the Complete Anger Management System you will have my email. Alternatively, contact me here.