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Do You Lose Your Temper At Those That You Love?

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If you struggle with anger, you know the pain of losing your temper at those you love.

You know the explosive outbursts, the unfair blame and criticism and the hurtful words leave your partner (or children) feeling hurt, disconnected and isolated.

You may have tried to control your anger by attending therapy sessions, enrolling in long support groups, reading countless self-help books, or even just trying to control your anger on your own.

And while some of these strategies may have helped you in the short-term, you know that none of them have been able to create long-lasting change.

You need effective tools and techniques to manage your anger, not just temporary strategies that only work in the long-term.

That's why I've created this FREE training specifically designed to help you understand the root cause of your anger, learn proven and effective techniques to control it and create a calmer, happier and more loving relationships with all those around you.

Over the last thirty years, I've taught over 10,000 individuals to control their anger without resorting to expensive therapy sessions, endless self-help books, or long training programs.

I've achieved this success with proven anger management tools and and techniques, empowering my clients to take control of their anger and live calmer, happier and more balanced lives.

Now it's YOUR turn to experience this transformation!

In This Powerful FREE Training I'll Reveal The Anger Management Tools I Have Used With Thousands Of Clients To Create Life-Long Change!

Imagine being able to:
• Speak kindly and calmly with your partner, friends and family without getting angry
• Resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner
• Control your anger and master your emotions, and
• Create a calmer, happier and more loving relationship with all those around you

By dedicating just a few hours per week, you could achieve lasting change and create a completely transformed relationship with anger in your life.

My proven anger management system is designed to take you from feeling overwhelmed by your anger to living a calmer, more balanced life today!

And the best part? It's free!

About Alastair Duhs

Alastair Duhs is Australasia's leading anger management expert.

Over the last 30 years, Alastair has helped over 10,000 men and women from throughout the world to control their anger, master their emotions and create happier, more loving relationships.

Alastair created this powerful FREE training because he was sick and tired of seeing people struggle with their anger, often for years, without any real help or solution.

Alastair knew there was a better way, and he wanted to help people to find it.

It's time to learn how to control your anger and create the calmer, happier and more balanced life you always wanted!

uncover the Real Reason Why You Struggle With anger

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In this FREE training, you will learn how to:
  • Consistently apply proven anger management techniques
  • Recognize and understand the root causes of your anger
  • Develop a deeper understanding of how to control your emotions
  • Learn tools and techniques to actively manage your angerIdentify and challenge irrational thoughts & beliefs
  • Develop better communication skills
  • Consistently achieve emotional balance in your life
  • Get anger management results even with a busy schedule
  • Set up your anger management journey for long-term success
  • And much, much more!
Don't miss the opportunity to finally create the calmer, happier and more balanced life you deserve!

What My Past Clients Are Saying:

Anger management training with Alastair is "life-changing". Watch what past clients say:


"From the first lesson on the lessons had me captivated and tied down to the screen..."

"I was skeptical doing an online course at first but basically from the first lesson on the lessons had me captivated and tied down to the screen - I really really enjoyed it, and have already found it has improved my life in many ways."


"I’m learning so many things about controlling my anger. Its really working."

"This course is unreal! I’m learning so many things about controlling my anger. Its really working."


"I am becoming a more patient and understanding person..."

"I’ve learned a lot about myself throughout this course. I've learned to identify habits of negative thinking and better ways to communicate with others without getting frustrated or feeling misunderstood. I am becoming a more patient and understanding person, which has made life easier for both myself, and the people around me."


"It was probably the most significant factor in saving my marriage."

"I found your course absolutely excellent and it was probably the most significant factor in saving my marriage."


"This course is unreal."

"This course is unreal. I’m learning a lot and in so many different ways about controlling my anger. Its really working."

Bonus: Sign Up Now And Get These Valuable Pre-Training Videos

Video 1: What Is Anger?

Ever wondered what anger actually is? This short video will explain exactly what anger is, and how it differs from abuse and violence. Many people are surprised by this simple, but important distinction.

Video 2: What Is Abuse And Violence?

Now that you understand what anger is, what is abuse and violence? This short video will explain what abuse and violence are, and how to tell if you are acting in an abusive way!

Video 3: 5 Common Myths About Anger That You Must Stop Believing Now

Think that controlling your anger will be hard? Worried that you will need to attend months, or even years, of counselling or therapy to control your anger? If so, you have fallen for some of the key myths about anger management. Learn the truth about anger management here.

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