Anger Secrets-Guarantee

Anger Secrets is the only no-risk anger management program. Control your anger or you get a refund plus $500, guaranteed!

What this means:

a) Overview:

Anger Secrets operates on high-trust basis with all customers. This means we will do our best to help you control your anger. However, you also expect you to do your best. Learning to control your anger does not happen by itself-you need to put time and effort into the process.

b) Communication:

We expect you to actively communicate with us. This means you agree to: 

a) communicate with us in a respectful and thorough way

b) take full ownership of your results, and

b) ask for help when you have problems.

In turn, we will respond to your communication promptly. We will provide you with all the help and support we reasonably can.

c) Make The Effort!

The Complete Anger Management System is a comprehensive anger management course that consists of 7 modules. Each module contains information that is vital to help you control your anger. In addition, each module also contains exercises that are designed to help you practically apply the information. 

In order to get the results you want (and be assured the course works, if you put in the effort!), we expect you to work through each module and complete the exercises. We believe you cannot have a serious expectation of getting the results you want if you do not do this.

(If you put in the work though, we expect that learning to control your anger and getting the results you want will be far easier and quicker than you may think possible).

d) Guarantee:  

If, after completing The Complete Anger Management System, you do not feel your anger has been reduced to a manageable level, then we will refund your money--plus give you an additional $500 for trusting us.

Note however, you must claim this refund within 30 days of purchasing The Complete Anger Management System and provide evidence you have attempted to work through all modules and exercises. As we have said, you cannot expect to get results unless you put the work in!

e) If you are not on track:

If you are not on track to get the results you want, you agree to contact us. We will provide whatever help we can to get you back on track. 

f) We are here to help:

We want your experience with Anger Secrets to be positive. We are here to help you get the results you want and will do everything in our power (within reason!) to make that happen.

We are confident that if you take responsibility for your own results, communicate with us and put the effort in to complete the course, you will be delighted with the results

We look forward to helping you control your anger!

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