Breaking The Anger Cycle

3 Game-Changing Secrets For Controlling Your Anger, Mastering Your Emotions And Creating A Calmer, Happier And More Respectful Relationship

What You’ll learn on this Training

What anger is, why you get angry and what the root cause of your anger is
The 3 game-changing secrets that will help you control your anger far faster and more effectively than you may think possible, and
The next step to almost guarantee you will learn how to control your anger in the next 21 days (or less)

Your Trainer: Alastair Duhs

Alastair Duhs is a world-leading anger management expert.

Over the last 30 years, Alastair has helped over 15,000 men and women from all over the world control their anger, master their emotions and create happier, more loving relationships.

Alastair's unique approach to anger management combines the latest scientific research with 30 years of tested, proven and practical tools and advice - giving his clients the tools they need to achieve long-lasting anger management success.