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The Anger Secrets podcast provides proven tools and techniques to control your anger, master your emotions and create calmer, happier and more loving relationships.

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In this episode, we’re discussing how to recognize your anger triggers. Recognizing your anger triggers is the first step to managing your anger effectively. Once you know what your triggers are, you can start to develop healthy coping mechanisms to deal with them. In this episode, you will learn four main tips to help you...
In this episode, you will learn the three keys to anger management. These keys are: -Key 1: Awareness -Key 2: Anger does not help, and -Key 3: You create your anger. Understanding these keys is essential for managing your anger effectively. In future episodes, we will explore each of these keys in more depth so...
What is anger? In this episode, you will learn what anger is, the number 1 thing that causes your anger and how to get help if you are experiencing anger issues. After listening to this podcast, you will better understand anger and how to deal with it constructively. You will also understand that the real...
Welcome to the Anger Secrets podcast! In this episode, Alastair talks about his journey helping over 10,000 men and women control their anger. He shares how he developed his unique and powerful anger management system, the Complete Anger Management System. The Complete Anger Management System is a step-by-step system that people can follow to control...
The Anger Secrets podcast is a weekly show that covers everything you need to know about anger management. Hosted by Anger Expert Alastair Duhs, this podcast offers valuable tips, techniques and strategies for controlling your anger, mastering your emotions and creating calmer, happier and more loving relationships. The Anger Secrets podcast is perfect for anyone...

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Alastair Duhs is an Anger Expert. Over the last 30 years, he has taught over 15,000 men and women to control their anger, master their emotions and create calmer, happier and more respectful relationships, using the power of "The Complete Anger Management System".

The Complete Anger Management System is a simple, proven and effective anger management system that will teach anyone how to control their anger in just 21 days or less.

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