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Breaking The Anger Cycle: Unlock The Secrets To A Calmer, Happier And More Peaceful Life

Discover the Fast-Track To A Calmer, More Energised, In Control You

Join our life-changing webinar and immerse yourself in the innovative strategies that will empower you to control your anger in just 21 days (or less). 

  • Learn how to control your anger for maximum impact in your personal and professional life
  • Unveil the blueprint to stay calm under pressure, no matter what other people are saying or doing 
  • Learn practical tools and techniques that you can adopt instantly to achieve anger mastery.

Hosted by Alastair Duhs, world-leading anger management expert.

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What You’ll learn

A step-by-step process to control your anger, master your emotions and create calmer, happier and more loving relationships. 

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Why It's For You

So you can control your anger and react calmly and in-control, no matter what is happening around you.