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Enrolling in private anger management coaching sessions with anger expert Alastair Duhs is the fastest way to control your anger! This package consists of 4 anger management coaching sessions, duration 50 minutes, to be used within a year of purchase! Control your anger now!

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The Complete Anger Management System is a powerful online course that will teach you how to control your anger, master your emotions and create a calmer, happier and more respectful relationship.

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Introducing Anger Management Online (Accelerated) Anger Management Online (Accelerated) is a one-hour masterclass that will teach you the main tools and concepts to control your anger in any situation. Anger Management Online (Accelerated) is ideal for anyone who wants to learn to control their anger, but: - doesn't want to wait days or weeks to do this - doesn't want to spend 12-20 weeks in anger management programmes that don't really work, and - only wants to learn the absolutely necessary tools and ideas to control their anger (and nothing else).

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