How The Complete Anger Management System helped Arjun Become A "Way Happier" Person

Arjun enrolled in The Complete Management System after an argument with his partner.

Like many people, Arjun struggled with negative thinking patterns in his head. For example, he would often jump to negative conclusions about situations. Because of this, Arjun was often quick to anger.

The Complete Anger Management System helped Arjun understand the root causes of his anger. This enabled him to see that negative thinking was the main cause of his anger issues.


As a result of this learning, Arjun began to think far more positively about situations. His newfound ability to see the good in any situation quickly translated into improved relationships with friends, family and coworkers.

He now reports being a "way happier" person due to The Complete Management System.

Read Arjun's full story below.

Alastair: Why were you looking for an anger management programme?

Arjun: "I had an issue with my ex-partner because me and her got into an argument. She was going to throw my phone. I got angry and I pushed her against the wall and she got hurt."

"I don't want that thing to come out of me again. That's the main reason I'm doing this anger management course, so I can keep myself calm and I know where to stop myself, so no-one can get hurt because of me. That's the main purpose of doing this anger management course."

Alastair: Why did you choose this course?

Arjun: "I went through your website and I really liked how you can do it online because there are very few places that does that. Because I'm really busy with my work and stuff as well, so I thought this place will be perfect for me to go and do the online classes, as you can do anywhere, anytime."

"And that makes it easier and quite handy as well, because you can take your phone anywhere and log in."

Alastair: How was your anger affecting you?

"I just didn't like the person I was turning into."

"I was always having negative thoughts about myself. I was always feeling guilty about getting angry. Every time I had an outburst, because they were happening frequently, I was constantly getting mad."

"I couldn't get through like two or three days without completely losing my cool."

Alastair: Has the course helped you control your anger?

Arjun: "It has helped me a lot in many ways. I'm using the things I've learned from your anger management daily, like if I'm going to the gym or something. So, it's helping me a lot. So I'm glad I did it."


Alastair: What is the most powerful thing you've learned in the course?

Arjun: "Oh, there's so many things, you know. First of all, I really like the introduction. It makes you understand the difference between anger, abuse and violence. Most people won't know what anger actually is, you know. They think when you get angry, it's just anger, but it's actually, it's what you feel at that time, you know, and thats what you call anger."

"And I really liked the ETFA model. Events, thoughts, feelings and actions, you know, so it's like you really have at all there."

Alastair: Has your anger changed since you started the course?

Arjun: "Yes, definitely. Because whenever you go and do your exercises on anger management course, like after each module there are exercises to do. It somehow sticks in your head, like it's there. And if you're at work, and you start to get angry, then suddenly it comes into your head."

"I did that and I did that. And that's what pretty much calms me down. And then I remember the Anger Scale. Like what level I get to, then I stop myself and then I give myself a Time-Out."

Tension Scale

"But so far since I've been doing this course I've never got to the point where I'm like going into some sort of argument with someone, because I just strive to stay positive, you know, because that's what anger management course is all about, like stay positive and live the positive vibes all the time."

Alastair: Has anyone else noticed your changes?

Arjun: "Yes. My work people. I'm always a happy guy, you know, but there are sometimes when someone press those triggers on you. Like sometimes people, they just joke to you, but you are not in a good mood and you take it bad. Like you don't take it as a joke."

"Since doing this anger management course, I now know what's the difference between a joke and serious things. So I take a joke as a joke, you know, not as a serious thing."


"So people say, "Oh, you're doing better, you know." Because I've told them I've been doing anger management course and they're like, "Yeah, you take our jokes as a joke, you don't get angry on it. And, that makes everyone happy as well, because there's no fights at work."

"So pretty much like everyone can see there's a difference. Like this guy is a bit different now."

Alastair: Are things getting better for you now?

Arjun: "Yeah. I feel like things are getting way better since I started doing the anger management course. And daily, I can see a different person inside me, you know. I don't get angry now. My mood doesn't swing around."


"And I stay focused, like, I have to go to gym, I don't have to get into an argument. I have to go to work, look after my family. I have to give time to my family. Because I got a five year old daughter as well."

"You need a lot of patience when you're with the kids. So, this anger management course is really helping me to get through all of these things."

Alastair: What else has changed since you started the course?

Arjun: "I'm way happier. You know, as I told you, they are some points where you get angry, because when you get angry, you just think negative stuff. So in this course, I have learned you have to talk to yourself always about positive things, you know. And because of that, you won't get in trouble."

"That's the main thing. If you don't think positively, you can get in trouble easily. So stay positive, be positive and think positive."

Alastair: What would you tell someone who was thinking of doing a face-to-face anger management course?

Arjun: "I'd tell them one thing. If they have not much time in their life, they should do an online course, because it's quite handy. You can take your phone and you just need 10 to 15 minutes to do each program because of how you have the divided the program into steps."

"And you need 15 to 20 minutes to that one program. If you can do one program a day, and if you can give 15 to 20 minutes to yourself a day, then you can definitely see the changes in yourself."


"So, I would say doing an online course is way easier because you don't have to go to someone's house or you don't have to wait to do the course. So I think an online course helps way better than going to a face-to-face course."

Alastair: What was it like starting the course?

Arjun: "First of all, I want to say thanks to you that I rang you and you responded very quickly on all of my questions. I had no idea where to start from, you know, because when my judge told me to go and do anger management course, I was ringing around. No-one was actually helping me out."

"I rang you and you quickly responded me back onto the things and you put me on the track. And I started with this course and I can see the changes already."

Alastair: Anything else you'd like to say?

Arjun: "Thank you so much. Like you are always helping me and supporting me. That's what everyone needs when they are doing an anger management course, that someone should be there to support you. You know, it's all about that."


"And I think that just what you've been doing to everyone, supporting them to change themselves and change their habits as well. Thanks a lot to you. Thank you."

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