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In this episode of the Anger Secrets Podcast, host Alastair Duhs provides an encore episode of 6 Easy Tips To Control Your Anger.

These tips include

1) Understanding that it’s not events but your thoughts that create your anger

2) Use the “Tension scale” to monitor your anger levels

3) Question the efficacy of expressing your anger aggressively

4) Practicing relaxation techniques

5) Try to see situations from the other person’s perspective and

6) Take Time-Out effectively.

The episode concludes with a reminder that while you can’t control others, you can control yourself.

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00:00 Introduction and Welcome

00:31 Understanding Anger and Its Control

01:50 New Year Reflections and Managing Holiday Stress

03:19 Six Easy Tips to Control Your Anger

03:35 Tip 1: Understanding the Root of Anger

05:28 Tip 2: Using the Tension Scale

07:43 Tip 3: Evaluating the Consequences of Anger

09:28 Tip 4: Practicing Relaxation Techniques

11:02 Tip 5: Empathising with the Other Person

12:25 Tip 6: Taking a Time-Out

14:18 Conclusion and Next Steps

15:01 Disclaimer

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