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In this episode, Anger Secrets host Alastair Duhs discusses the reasons why some people think they get angry fast.

These reasons include:

a) Unawareness of the buildup of anger

b) Learned habits of reacting with anger, and

c) Underestimating the speed of brain’s information processing ability.

The episode also discusses the Tension Scale as a tool for recognising rising tension levels, discusses how to “unlearn” reacting with anger, and emphasises the use of cognitive speed to respond more positively in anger-inducing situations.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 Introduction and Welcome

00:48 Understanding the Nature of Anger

01:42 Reason 1: Unawareness of Anger Buildup

02:27 Introducing the Tension Scale

04:22 Reason 2: Habitual Response with Anger

05:23 Unlearning the Habit of Reacting with Anger

06:40 Reason 3: Underestimating the Speed of Your Brain

08:37 The Power of Your Brain in Managing Anger

10:18 Recap and Conclusion

10:44 The Complete Anger Management System

10:59 Conclusion

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