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In this episode of the Anger Secrets Podcast, host Alastair Duhs discusses the pitfalls of trying to “be right” all of the time.

Drawing from over 30 years experience teaching over 15,000 men and women to control their anger, Alastair advises listeners that instead of “being right”, it is more useful to concentrate on understanding others’ perspectives.

Alastair shares a story of a truck driver who, after listening to this advice, managed to control his road rage by using this advice.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 Introduction

00:08 The Purpose of the Anger Secrets Podcast

00:45 A Story of Road Rage

02:10 The Importance of Not Needing to Be Right

03:40 How to Handle Arguments

04:32 The Impact of the New Approach

05:20 Applying These Lesson to Relationships

05:45 The Dangers of Always Wanting to Be Right

06:47 Final Thoughts

07:20 Conclusion and Farewell

08:02 Disclaimer

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