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Welcome to the Anger Secrets podcast!

In this episode, Alastair talks about his journey helping over 10,000 men and women control their anger. He shares how he developed his unique and powerful anger management system, the Complete Anger Management System.

The Complete Anger Management System is a step-by-step system that people can follow to control their anger, master their emotions and create calmer, happier and more respectful relationships.

Alastair also talks about what to expect in future episodes of the Anger Secrets podcast, where he will teach specific tips, tools and techniques to help listeners control their anger.

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If you are struggling with anger, or if you know someone who is, this episode is for you!

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Breaking The Anger Cycle: 3 Game-Changing Secrets For Controlling Your Anger, Mastering Your Emotions And Creating Calmer, Happier And More Respectful Relationships